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Meet Superannuation Manager Terry Collins


Recently we spoke with Terry Collins about her background, experience and role as PPT’s Superannuation Manager. Born and bred in Ballarat, Terry joined the firm in 1991 in the tax area. Not long after Terry was trained in superannuation and today manages the establishment and ongoing administration of superannuation funds for new and existing clients.

What made you choose the accounting industry?

I actually did a Tourism degree.  When I started the course, it didn’t have accreditation, so we had to do a second major; either accounting or IT.  I did accounting. I could have dropped the double major in the last year because the course was accredited by then, but stuck with it as I suspected it would be easier to get a job locally. So “fell into it” might be a good description.

What experience do you have in the industry?

I came to PPT as a graduate in 1991 and was initially employed in the tax area.  There were already many self-managed superannuation funds in the firm, and we had several larger funds that were APRA regulated, including one public offer fund.  When the firm purchased specialised superannuation software, I was trained to use it and put in many hours to make the end result a product we could use as it needed a lot of improvement.  This led to becoming the Superannuation Manager.

How is technology changing the way you work with clients?

Data feeds have changed the way we process the fund data, and there are many more changes coming in the near future, including some required by legislation such as Super Stream.  We will be receiving data from many more sources in the future and can upload information from programs such as Xero and Xplan. Our day to day role is changing from processing the information to maintaining the integrity of the information fed into the software rather than keying in data.

What keeps you busy away from work?

At the moment we are very busy helping our children renovate houses and we have a wedding at Christmas which is very exciting.

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