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Team Q&A: Adam Couch

As we come out of restrictions, we catch up with Senior Accountant Adam Couch. Born and raised in Snake Valley, just outside of Ballarat, Adam joined the firm in 2014 after completing university. He then spent a short time away before returning to the firm earlier this year.

What do you enjoy about your role with PPT?

I enjoy working with a wide range of clients and helping them navigate through their business journey.

What roles/organisations had you worked in prior to joining PPT?

Since finishing secondary school I have held various committee positions in cricket clubs, leagues and regional administrations.

Are you involved in any local community groups or sports clubs?

Whilst the playing days are well behind me, I am still seen helping out and supporting the Carngham Cricket Club.

What keeps your busy outside of work?

Spending time with friends, taking some day trips around the region with my partner Lauren and our pet Golden Retriever Murphy.

Where would you like to travel when international borders are open?

Quick trip to Bali and then hopefully followed by a longer trip to Europe to visit the Scandinavia area and Britain.

What TV series / podcasts are you into right now?

I haven’t found a new TV series to watch just yet, but am often watching re-runs of ‘Seinfeld’ or ‘Parks & Recreation’. My favourite podcast would have to be ‘The Imperfects’.

To discuss your accounting and tax requirements call PPT on (03) 5331 3711.

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