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Team Q&A: Adam Spielvogel

This month we chat with our IT Manager, and all-round tech guru, Adam Spielvogel. Adam joined the team in early 2017 to provide PPT’s growing team with inhouse technology expertise and support. Adam talks about life inside and outside of PPT, and tells us what the cloud actually is.

Where are you originally from?

4th generation to be born in sunny Ballarat. I lived in Sydney for a year and then 5-6 years in Melbourne and as seems to happen to anyone that leaves, I moved back.

What do you enjoy about your role at PPT?

The Directors are a great bunch of people! Evaluating and recommending how the PPT environment looks is fun.

The cloud is commonly discussed in meetings these days … but what really is the cloud?

Well cloud computing has been around for a while now however the uptake is growing exponentially. Cloud is essentially the hosting of storage (OneDrive, DropBox, Google Drive) or applications (Xero, MYOB) offsite and is accessed over the internet. Some of the benefits are no more buying servers or updating applications and staff have greater flexibility in regard to working from home.

Are you involved in local community groups or clubs? Tell us about that…

I volunteer doing the refreshments at the Bloodbank once a fortnight and I have registered for the L2P mentor driving program.

What keeps you busy outside of work?

I have an amazing partner Sophie, 2 wonderful kids, Hannah 15 and Eli 13, a retired greyhound Sam who is 5 and Daisy a 3-month-old Cavoodle. I follow Collingwood in the footy but can’t wait until we have a new coach. I also enjoy going on solo 40-50km walks

What Netflix show are you currently watching right now?

I have just started watching Scare tactics which I find hilarious and I’m watching The Arrow with the kids.

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