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Team Q&A: Bryoni Monshing

This month we sit down and chat with Senior Accountant Bryoni Monshing who joined PPT in 2017. Bryoni talks about her life at PPT, business planning in a connected world and how accounting is more than just crunching numbers.

You joined PPT late last year, how are you finding it?

Loving it! I enjoy being part of a workplace where both the clients and staff matter, there is a supportive team environment, ongoing training opportunities and my contributions are valued.

You’ve worked with plenty of farming clients over the years, what do you enjoy most about it?

In my previous role at a local accounting firm I worked with a number of farmers. I mostly enjoyed taking the time to visit the clients, I think we can put too much emphasis on ‘crunching the numbers’ and I always found it more rewarding spending time with a client getting to know their business.

I find clients across all industries appreciate the effort made when you take time out of your day to travel to their business, spend time to go over the figures, discuss any concerns they may have about their business / financial situation and work together on solutions if needed.

Other than farming clients, what other areas do you work on?

My client base is quite diverse, including individual tax payers, construction companies, hospitality providers, hairdressers, medical professionals and tradesmen to name a few.

When most people think about accountants they think tax, but it’s much more than that…

In today’s world with cloud accounting programs such as Xero, QuickBooks & MYOB the clients data is almost always up to date. This gives us a real time insight into the clients financial position, allowing us to be on the front foot with identifying issues. This means we can have the discussion with the client now to find solutions rather than waiting until year end when the tax returns are finalised, which can be too late to address problems that will impact profitability and cash flow. This is particularly relevant when it comes to tax planning and making sure clients have enough money in the bank to meet their obligations.

Clients want more from their accountant than just completing the yearly tax return. The landscape of accounting has shifted focus from largely compliance activities to helping clients with their goals of growing their business and their wealth. At PPT, we offer a range of services designed to assist clients in achieving these goals. We provide accounting, audit, financial planning, lending and risk insurance services to business, families and individuals.

Do you have any particular areas of expertise or interest?

I thoroughly enjoy tax planning and providing solutions to ensure clients don’t end up paying more tax than is required. It frustrates me when a new client comes over to PPT and after a review of their prior years financials and tax returns, we identify mistakes have been made resulting in the client paying more tax than they actually should have.

This is why proactive tax planning and continual communication with clients is crucial. I also enjoy data file training with clients (Xero, QuickBooks, MYOB), budget preparation, providing small business advice, assistance with dealing with the department of human services (completing & lodging claims) and of course compliance work!

What keeps you busy away from work?

I enjoy spending time with family, cooking, reading, travelling and the movies. I recently became engaged and am now busily planning for our wedding later this year.

To make an appointment with Bryoni Monshing please call (03) 5331 3711 or email us.

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