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Super Guarantee Amnesty Resurrected

The Government has resurrected the Superannuation Guarantee (SG) amnesty giving employers that have fallen behind with their SG obligations the ability to “self-correct.” This time, however, the incentive of the amnesty is strengthened by harsh…

What Happens To Your Super When You Die?

The general rule is that superannuation is not part of your estate unless you expressly make it part of your will, right? Well, maybe not.  A recent case before the courts serves as a warning…

Salary sacrificing

If you haven’t reviewed your salary sacrifice arrangement for a while then two recent changes should have spurred you into action. The first is the increase to the super guarantee (SG) rate from 1 July…

Tax changes for 2014

Normally we wouldn’t advise you of potential tax changes until we were absolutely certain that they were going to happen. But this potential tax change is a bit different because if the change goes ahead,…

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