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Xero introduces two step authentication

If you’re a Xero user you may have noticed that Xero are now enforcing two step authentication (2SA) for all users.

Whilst some may see this as an unnecessary change, it’s a change to support the best-practice security measures and updated requirements of the ATO. 2SA is already offered on other online accounting platforms and is likely to be enforced on these platforms in the very near future.

2SA helps prevent cyber attacks

No one wants to think about cybersecurity, but the reality is that one in four small businesses experienced a cyber-attack or hacking attempt in Australia and New Zealand in 20171. Nearly all data breaches start with compromised passwords – and could be easily avoided.

Changing to 2SA on Xero

Many users have already changed to 2SA and it will be enforced for all users by Friday 23rd November. The process of setting up 2SA is relatively simple and involves the use of an authenticator app, such as Google Authenticator, which can be downloaded onto your smart phone.

If you have trouble with the process watch Xero’s tutorial video here.

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